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In the youth services department, four computers are available for use by patrons under age 14, and four computers are available for use by patrons ages 14-17. In order to use the computers, patrons must have a library card in good standing. Visitor passes are not offered. Please read our Computer Use Policy. If you have any other questions, please call or stop by youth services.

Youth Services Computers provide patrons with use of the internet, Microsoft Office and USB connections. Patrons may notify Youth Services staff if they require Technical assistant with WI-FI and/or Computers.



Patrons may print from all Youth services Computers, for a cost of 10 cents per page.  Patrons may add funds to their Library card , to pay for printing.



Wireless Internet connections are available for patrons with Laptops and other devices. Patrons should have their wireless devices already installed, configured and ready to connect to the Bellwood Library Wi-FI. WI-FI printing is not provided at this time.