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AuthorSheets -

Bartleby: English Usage, Style & Composition - Full-text, searchable versions of useful reference books on grammar and language, including William Strunk's The Elements of Style and The American Heritage Book of English Usage.

Book Rags - - Book Rags provides summaries, plot analysis, and other information for students writing papers about books.

Online Dictionary -

Guide to Grammar and Writing -

OWL: Online Writing Lab - - Find clear instructions for overcoming writer's block, gathering information, and writing a great paper. OWL also offers tips on style and avoiding plagiarism.

OWL: MLA 2009 Formatting and Style Guide -

Poetry 180: A poem a day for American High Schools - -

 Shmoop - - Shmoop provides excellent information on theme, plot analysis, and literary devices used in many of the books you have to read and write about for school.



Math and Science

Ask Dr. Math - - If you have a math question of any level, this is the place to get the answer!

Cells Alive! - - Everything you ever wanted to know about cellsFactMonster

Homework Center: Mathematics - - Conversion calculator, formulas and more.

General Chemistry Online -

HighWire Press Stanford University -

The Physics Classroom Tutorial - - Find clear explanations of concepts in physics and help with problem-solving and experiments.

Science Daily - - An online magazine featuring quick takes on the latest research on a wide variety of science topics.

WebMath -

WebMath covers K-8 math, general math, Algebra, Trig & Calculus, etc, and doesn't only give the answer but shows how to arrive at it. Also has conversion calculators, personal finance math, and "everyday math". - Great tutor for typing.